Who Is Debbie Maine?

transformational coach

Debbie Maine was born in Brooklyn, NY.  She currently resides in South Florida with her husband; together they have a blended family of six children. She is a college graduate of Barry University in Miami Shores, FL where she obtained a Bachelors in Health Science Administration.  Debbie is a wife, mother, child of God, and a powerhouse of intellect, innovations, and inspiration. It was during her first PowerPoint assignment about motivational speaking in college where Debbie discovered her purpose in life. Debbie is also a woman about her Fathers business. She enjoys traveling the world empowering others to live a victorious life in Christ. 

Debbie’s vision is to teach people how to live a life of purpose. Through her gift of dynamic speaking, Debbie empowers her audience to thrive and not just survive.  Debbie uses your past to catapult you into your future by transforming thoughts, redirecting feelings, along with outlooks causing a reaction to act.

Debbie is a person who has encountered fear, battled fear, and persevered against fear.  She has used her past trials and tribulations, hardship and heartbreak, drought and doubt to catapult her forward to change lives.

Debbie’s purpose is multi-dimensional.  She is mastermind creator, serial entrepreneur, and more importantly the woman that is here to speak into your life through coaching and teaching to help people be whole in all areas; mind, body, and soul.

Words of encouragement

Many don’t believe in prayer but I do. Prayer gives you a platform to express yourself to the fullest while giving your woes to someone else, a greater being, God. After prayer, of heaviness is still on you, i suggest you find a confidant and friend. At times i even suggest professional counseling since i am not a therapist.

My Core Values

It is more than just coaching for me!

  • I love seeing people happy, healthy, and whole. Also, interaction with people brings me joy. Being a people person, I have always enjoyed the different outlooks and personalities I encounter on a daily basis.
  • I am able and capable to bring about change in a person life. The lasting difference I want to embark into people lives is change. A change for the better, enlightment towards their future, and clarity for their tomorrow.
  • The services provides a safe space for a person to expose their weakness and/or shortcomings while strategically collaborating to expose a solution that is readily available but sometimes hidden in plain sight.

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